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27 Jul

Video of the Week: Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Trailer

FFXIV, Games, MMOs by Tramell

Ever since the poor release of Final Fantasy XIV back in September of last year and the restructuring of the team, there was constant talk of a revamp for the game dubbed Version 2.0. It wasn’t long ago that Square Enix released new screenshots of Final Fantasy XIV version 2.0 to the public shortly after E3 to start the PR hype for the rerelease of the game that will transition in beta sometime in September. With the release of the new trailer, a proper name has been given to 2.0 in the form of, A Realm Reborn.

A trailer and screenshots can be found below showcasing some of the new CGI being made for the game. I’ve also included some of the screenshots showing off the new engine, monsters, and UI features found in the new version of the game.

For current players, a new blog post was added today detailing some of the discontinued features that will not carry over to a Realm Reborn. The item to summon a legendary Goobue mount will no longer be available. Guild Marks will be cut from the game as well as, some achievements, character history on the lodestone and reviewing current cutscenes.


21 Apr

Continuous Improvement and Rewarding Loyalty [FFXIV]

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It has been a while since I’ve spoken about Final Fantasy XIV. Ever since they announced they were making major changes to the game leading up to version 2.0, I decided to watch from the sidelines and monitor the progress of the game.

For a while now, they have been introducing a lot of content to the game. This includes a healthy amount of quests, so players did not have to grind it out in the wilds since there was nothing else to do once you completed the daily quests from the levequest system. On top of that, they introduced dungeons for mid and high level characters; each has their own story to tell. Notorious Monsters have made a comeback and drop unique loot. Also, avatar battles are in the game. So far, it is just the Ifrit and Moogle fight, with Garuda on the way. A number of quality of life adjustments have been made to the game.

Players can now have their own personal inn similar to the mog houses of old as well as, an armoire to store gear and the marketing system is drifting closer to that of an Auction house. The retainer system is slowly becoming an element of the auction house.


19 Oct

The Year Long Journey Towards Version 2.0 [FFXIV]

FFXIV, MMOs by Tramell

Recently, President of Square Enix Yoichi Wada and Producer Naoki Yoshida introduced to the world their plans for their ailing MMO, Final Fantasy XIV. In short, they are going to completely revamp it and start fresh with what they are calling ‘Version 2.0’. To coincide with the revamp, they will also be releasing the PlayStation 3 version. However, before all of that comes to fruition, there is a lot of work to be done to reach that point.

I said revamp, but what exactly did I mean. For starters, they are replacing the existing engine with a new one. They are breaking down the huge zones to create more unique environments. That change will result in losing that seamless experience for a more dynamic environment. Building from the ground up, they are creating a new server system to increase speed and performance. Introducing new unique user interfaces that support the keyboard and mouse, and a gamepad. As an added bonus they are creating new sexes for the existing races e.g., male Miqo’te, female Roegadyn and female Highlander Hyur as well as, bring back some of the classic Final Fantasy classes. Their plan is grand.