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14 Oct

Screenshot Stories: A Bounty Hunter’s Tale [SWTOR]

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SWTOR - Kalani Sincliar Header 03

Star Wars: The Old Republic is known for its storytelling if nothing else. Within the game there are 8 classes to choose from with each of them sporting two advanced classes options. Regardless of which advanced class you pick, each class has a story to tell and your dialogue choices influences the flavor of the story being told.

Today in screenshots I present you Kalani Sinclair, my Mirialan Bounty Hunter. The story begins with Kalani being chosen by Braden, an older Bounty Hunter whose goal is to form a team to win the Great Hunt, a prestigious bounty hunter event to determine who is the best of the best in the bounty hunting trade. The Great Hunt is an event that pits Bounty Hunter against Bounty Hunter by giving them the same contract. The winner needs to complete the contract and “deal” with the competition. The last one remaining is the declared the Champion. As a promising hunter, he wants you to be the muscle of the team while the rest of the crew, Mako, Jory, and himself provide the support you will need to be successful.

Soon things take a turn for the worse as a fellow competitor, Tarro Blood, a Mandalorian who was severely injured in the previous Great Hunt decides to bend the rules and have his lackey kill off the competition’s support preventing from advancing so that he himself can take the glory that is rightfully his. In a resulting fire fight, Braden and Jory pay the ultimate price and the only people left are yourself and Mako. To salvage what’s left of the team you are left no choice but to continue your adventure on Hutta and gain the support of Nem’ro the Hutt and acquire a token that will allow you to participate in the Great Hunt.


01 Dec

A Second Look – Shooting First and Shocky Fingers [SWTOR]

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*Contains minor story structure spoilers*

So I bit the bullet and participated in the last beta weekend for Star Wars: The Old Republic. I made the conscious choice to enjoy that last little morsel the game had to offer until release and like any of the last pieces in life; I took the time to savory and enjoy it to the bitter end. Here is my second look at the MMO that brings story to the forefront.

This time around, I tried to experience different classes and get a feel for what kind of the story Bioware wanted to tell with these classes. As a Mirialan Smuggler, trouble followed me wherever I went and, as Human Sith Inquisitor, I started at the bottom of the barrel and had to painstakingly work my way up.

Wily, wily Smuggler

The Smuggler starts off with what they do best, smuggling. I started off delivering a shipment of weapons to Ord Manteel for the Republic to help in the ongoing conflict. From there things happen and in typical Smuggler faction shit hits the fan early. One of my associates decides to steal my starship along with the weapons and makes a beeline towards their own successes while I end up holding bag without a ship, and a dangerous crime lord breathing down my neck because of the busted deal.


18 Nov

Star Wars: The Old Republic Beta Impressions [SWTOR]

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The recent Friday update for Star Wars: The Old Republic came with a NDA lift. The masses that have been confined to talking about the game behind closed doors were finally free to spout whatever was on their mind, myself included. So what exactly do I have to say about the MMO that combines one of the most popular franchises in history, Bioware’s aptitude for story, and a whole lot of money? It’s more of the same at face value with a few deep wrinkles if you dig a little deeper.

The Low Before the High

If you seen any videos at all about the game, let alone play it you would know it has a very familiar feel. It is all there, quest hubs, skill trainers, those fetch and kill X quests, slapfight, hotkey combat, and so on. The unique thing however is that it’s all masked behind Bioware’s story. I’m going to mention this a few times because this game lives and dies by it.

Every class has a unique story. The Jedi Knight is all about combating evil face to face, the Jedi Consular is all about the ways of the force and finding ancient knowledge, and the Imperial Agent is about working for the Empire and doing whatever it takes to get the job done. I had an awesome time with the Imperial Agent, working as an undercover agent influencing the Huts all in an effort to acquire more resources for the Empire for the upcoming inevitable war. On the other hand, I tried out the Jedi Consular and as iconic as it was, it bored me to death, similar to Larry Everett write-up.


14 Apr

Streamlined and Focused: A Journey into Dragon Age 2 Design

Dragon Age, RPG by Tramell

Streamlined and Focused: A Journey into Dragon Age 2 Design

Going away from the traditional methods employed when they made Origins, Bioware felt like they could start fresh and put their unique stamp on the sequel.  Today I want to go over exactly what they changed and how it effect the overall design of the game. Like the transition from Mass Effect 1 to Mass Effect 2 you’ll see some streamlining in certain areas but their will be expansion in others. Starting with the overall story, Opting for a more focused central character that spans over 10 years instead the warden role a origin character of choice filled. You’ll get to fulfill a more involved and personal story then the one people experienced in Dragon Age. You play the role of Hawke a refuge from Lothering and through out the game you transform him/her from a refuge to a prominent figure dubbed The Champion of Kirkwall. So instead of filling a role and going from beginning, middle and ultimate end/goal, you play out a story of various events that shape your character. Yes, there is still a beginning, middle and end but their isn’t a ultimate goal at the end but instead your are shaping your character to fulfill a role at the end a game. The events in between are more important then the end result. As we dive more into this article I want to talk about some of the elements that have gotten a leg up, redone, streamlined and focused.