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05 Mar

Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Impressions [ME3]

It has been almost 5 years since we first met Shepard and their ongoing struggle to combat the Reapers, a machine race that harvests all organics in the galaxy. We have gone from stopping a rogue agent to dying and being rebuilt. Force to work with a powerful terrorist organization to uncover the truth when everyone else has turned their back on you. Soon, all of things we worked for, the decisions we made is all coming to an end with Mass Effect 3.

Investing 5 years on one franchise it would not come as a surprise that people were skeptical when BioWare announced that they would have a multiplayer component to Mass Effect 3. Up until now, they never found leeway to fit it in the franchise. With Shepard’s final story being all about gathering allies and power, they found place to create a standalone multiplayer and still maintain a sensible story element. While Shepard is out doing their thing, there are objectives, resources, important artifacts that need to be secured to boost the overall success of the allied forces. Players will play as an elite solider for the allied forces and with three other people go to various hot spots to secure these resources.

All of the classes that Shepard can play as are available to players in multiplayer. In addition, each class has different races attached them that you can unlock from purchasing packs from the in-game store. Finally, you will have the opportunity to be that unstoppable Krogan Soldier or the crafty Quarian engineer. Each race has their only abilities when compared to other races of the same class, for example, a Quarian infiltrator with have the ability Sabotage whereas a human will have the ability Cyro Blast.


11 Oct

Multiplayer in my Galactic War [Mass Effect 3]

Mass Effect, Shooters by Tramell

News broke yesterday that Mass Effect 3 will officially have multiplayer and a lot of people were pretty down on the subject because they felt it would be a tacked on competitive multiplayer or that Bioware would somehow butter up what they built over the past few years with it.

Late last night, Bioware went to their official forums to explain what was in store for players should they choose to participate in multiplayer. First and foremost, multiplayer is strictly a cooperative experience with support for up to four players. Shepard and crew do not make an appearance and players will have to create their own unique character.

The multiplayer portion does have some impact on single player campaign but it’s more of an alternative impact than a mandatory one. Along with multiplayer, they are introducing the Galaxy at War system, a system that allows players to experience the galactic war outside of Shepard story and multiplayer plays a part in this. I’m going to go on a limb here and suggest people think of Spec Ops from Call of Duty to get a bit of understanding.


26 Jul

Mass Effect 3: Iconic Female Shepard

Mass Effect, News, SDCC by Tramell

Anticipating the exclusive announcement from Bioware about Mass Effect 3 I tuned in to the Bioware livestream to see Casey Hudson and Jennifer Hale address the crowd. He start taking about how they received a lot feedback about showcasing more of the female version of Commander Shepard in some of the promotion materials. “We’re going to some really cool things with female Commander Shepard with the run up to Mass Effect 3,” says Hudson. So now I’m thinking they are finally going to give more details about what they are going to do with her since we already know she’s getting a trailer of her own as well sharing Box time with male Shepard on the Collector’s Edition.

To my surprise however is that Bioware is asking the playerbase to help decide what the iconic female Shepard should look like. They have a gallery on their Facebook page where players can view six different concepts and ‘like’ the one they think should be the iconic Shepard. I personally choose #3 because in my eyes that look suites Jennifer Hale’s voice the most. I should also mention that it also looks a lot like Cindy, my good follow video blogging friend. No idea what they are going to do after perhaps some further tweaking of the concept.