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25 Mar

Character Diversity: The Many Flavors [GW2]

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Being able to create something unique, to be able to set yourself apart from the crowd is what character diversity is about. It can be a unique look, playstyle or story but, it also means much more than that. Depending on how the game allows you to put your spin on something it can often lead to something more than a personal creation. If you are allowed to make choices in a story, it can lead to excellent dialogue between players when discussing the specifics. Allowing a player to tweak how there character performs allows the spreadsheet masters to create something they are satisfied with and allows them to discuss the different ways a character can be optimal. Even a certain playstyle can shed light on something you never would have experienced with the way you play. Guild Wars 2 allows players to do all of the above.

Obviously, the first step in character diversity is creating a character. As you know there are five races to choose from, each has their own special characteristics. You will be able to choose the fur pattern of a Charr character while the Norn allows you access to unique body tattoos. Along with this, you also get all the bells and whistles. You can select body type, hair, face type, facial features, and dyeing your starter gear.

Aside from a unique look that allows you to create a bond with that character there are also a number of professions to choose from that dictate how you play. There are eight professions in the game and they range from the powerhouse Warrior, the protective Guardian to the Mesmer, an illusion specialist. Each class has something that sets them apart e.g., the Mesmer creating illusions, a Necromancer using pets and death shroud, the Engineer using a variety of gadgets including turrets.


28 May

MMORPG: Class Bonanza II

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Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 combat is about being visually impressive, dynamic and visceral. Similar to Tera its about positioning and tactics that will win you the day. You see a centaur preparing to fire an arrow at you. You can freely dodge out of the way before the arrow reaches you. Work with allies to perform combos such as a fire wall created by Elementalist and a Engineer deploying a turret on one side of the wall and projectiles will do additional fire damage. Due the aesthetics of Guild Wars 2 everything has a visual impact. Glue Shot from a Engineer will leave a sticky brownish-white puddle, an Elementalist using one of their elite skills literally turns them into a tornado or Ranger visually letting loose a valley of arrows. With the unique mechanic of positioning and tactics the professions I want to play address this is a very interesting way.


The capstone of what a thief should be; a very agile and effective when getting the drop on someone at the expense of less protection and lower health. The Thief in Guild Wars 2 embraces this. They have the ability stealth which allows them to steal useful items from various enemies and use them against them as well the ability to shadow step which allows them to get in and out of combat with relative ease. Possessing the unique energy system called Initiative, which is similar to the energy bar most people are accustomed to with rogues except here in GW2 and their style of combat it more about a risk and reward then learning how to weave your attacks to maintain a constant source of energy. With the more powerful skills costing more initiative you have the make wise choices when playing the Thief. After getting some hands on time at Pax East 2011 with the Thief I look forward to playing it again.