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04 Oct

One Year Anniversary Q&A [FFXIV]

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Today, Square Enix held a live Q&A livestream for the anniversary Final Fantasy XIV. We all know that the game isn’t doing very well but the new team has made great strides to making the revisions needed to make the game a success. The trend continues with Producer Naoki Yoshida(Yoshi-P), answering fans question about the upcoming patch, game mechanics, and future content.

Q: Will you make it possible to remember the set actions when switching classes?

A: In an interview the other day I mentioned it would be during 1.19, but it seems like it just barely won’t make it and it is planned for 1.19a.

Q: When will the map will be renewed for XIV? I’ve been waiting for long time…#XIVLive

A: We’ll answer in next live event we hold! However, let me show you something as we are on Live. This is the dev. document about Gridania. As you can see, it’s a very major change! In any case, let me give you more details in the next live event!


19 Jul

Final Fantasy XIV: Grand Companies, Adjustments, Settlements and Miracle Poop

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In preparation of Patch 1.18 which is planned to be released July 22, we’ve talked about conceptual ideas, overhauling combat, progression changes, and content additions. The steady flow of information continues. This time we take a look at addition adjustments; removing the new with the old, simplification of the repair system, and Grand Companies officially being introduced bringing faction grinding to the world of Eorzea. Follow along after the break to see what Yoshida and Co. have in store for us.

Miscellaneous Adjustments

Seeking to improve the quality of life within Eorzea, the Fatigue System is being abolished. A system put in place to prevent players from playing one class to long. While the PR spin was that it was put in place to encourage players to try different classes, I interpreted it as more of a anti-gold farming system since the it was a major problem in FFXI until Square Enix invested a lot of money in quashing it. Perhaps it was in place to control players somewhat(bad move), but at least it is being removed.

With the introduction of Raids they have taken a look at the death penalty system. Functioning much like its predecessor you’ll be debuffed when you die. Weakness will reduce your HP and MP by 25% for a few minutes. Now if you die again while in a weakened state you’ll be debuffed again with ‘Brink of Death’ which will further reduce your HP and MP as well as reducing your statistics across the board such as attack power, physical and magical defense, and so on and so forth. I’m cool with that; I believe in having consquences for dying and the best way to penalize is affect the player’s time.


30 Jun

Final Fantasy XIV: Battle Reform

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The information is steady flowing for the upcoming 1.18 and 1.19 patch. This time we get some more meat on the auto-attack implementation. Being introduced for the Disciple of War and Magic only (The Hands and Lands will still be reduced to throwing rocks :P), the auto-attack system will remove the stamina gauge and adding recast times to skills across the board. Some basic attacks will be removed such as the Pugilist’s Heavy strike and the Gladiator’s Light slash as these were the basic attacks and are redundant while some of the secondary basic attacks like Broad Swing for a Marauder will have recast timers like all the other skills. Along with skill reductions and recast timers, some effects will perform differently such as Speed Surge from the Lancer will decrease the auto-attack delay where as previous it increased your stamina gain. The one change that caught my attention was that the basic attacks for the mages will have a recast timer applied to them and even though I don’t really play a mage that often, I hope that doesn’t mess up their solo routine or gimp them in some unforeseen way.

Going forward with the 1.19 patch and beyond they will keep implementing new tweaks, changes, and revisions. Some of the features and changes that are on the table are animation tweaks, new algorithms for attack delay and further tweaking and development of some of the skills obtained via quests and guild marks. Attention to details is always important when you are working on something the player is going to see every waking moment. I would love to see some new visually stunning animations for some of the skills and if the Auto-Attack video is any indicator I can’t wait to see what they do to visually improve combat. Also I’m curious to see what they do with the skills obtained via guild marks and quests because those skills are different forms of basic attacks and I wonder how they are going to fit it in especially since some of those skills define the class; What would a Maruder be without Broad Swing that had the ability to AoE at will or Pugilist without Light Strike to keep their evasion up. As usual everything remains to be seen until they stop talking ab out it and release the patches to the masses.

Source: Battle Reform: Auto-Attack (06/30/2011)

14 Jun

Final Fantasy XIV: Auto Attack!

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It has been very quiet on the FFXIV front since the middle of May, but Yoshi-P has slightly parted the curtain to give us an update on the current development of FFXIV. To much joy perhaps even some sorrow auto-attack has finally being implemented and tested. If you experienced FFXIV combat system you’d know that your regular attacks and skills were mixed into the hot bar and you kind of shimmied back and forth on your D-pad or keyboard to do your rotation of skills. With the auto-attack system we can now focus on the special skills we want to perform without having to keep up with our DPS as well. Though with the auto-attack system there is still plenty of work to be done behind the scenes such as enmity adjustments, skill re-balance so on and so forth before it’s perfect but I’m really excited to see SE really throwing down the gauntlet by saying this is what they are going to do and then doing it in a reasonable manner.