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10 Feb

Female Commander Shepard Trailer [ME3]

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Remember back during convention season when BioWare had a facebook vote for people to choose the look of the iconic female Shepard? The controversial blond female picture that won and the subsequent vote to choose the hair color? Well, when it was all said and done, the female Shepard people choose was a lovely red head and the artist Patryk Garrett created an excellent wallpaper.

Today as part of #FemShepFriday, Bioware has release some material showcasing the iconic female Shepard including a trailer. Titled Reinstated, this trailer shows Shepard at her finest. They also seemed to have done a lot of work on the character models in the game. The screenshot with Joker along with Shepard showcases the big differences. I like the changes they made and I am hopeful that one day(soon) can create a Shepard I love without resorting to using locked hairstyles and skin textures.

What are your thoughts? If you were one of many waiting for the trailer, have you expectations been filled?


11 Oct

Multiplayer in my Galactic War [Mass Effect 3]

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News broke yesterday that Mass Effect 3 will officially have multiplayer and a lot of people were pretty down on the subject because they felt it would be a tacked on competitive multiplayer or that Bioware would somehow butter up what they built over the past few years with it.

Late last night, Bioware went to their official forums to explain what was in store for players should they choose to participate in multiplayer. First and foremost, multiplayer is strictly a cooperative experience with support for up to four players. Shepard and crew do not make an appearance and players will have to create their own unique character.

The multiplayer portion does have some impact on single player campaign but it’s more of an alternative impact than a mandatory one. Along with multiplayer, they are introducing the Galaxy at War system, a system that allows players to experience the galactic war outside of Shepard story and multiplayer plays a part in this. I’m going to go on a limb here and suggest people think of Spec Ops from Call of Duty to get a bit of understanding.


13 Jul

Mass Effect 3: Reveal or Conceal

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Tali Header

It all started with a light interview over at CVG with Casey Hudson, Mass Effect’s Executive Producer, and Derek Watts, Art Director. When asked the question, “All the characters have been given a redesign for Mass Effect 3. Do you ever worry about fan reaction?”

They responded:

“You know, they’ve been pretty receptive to the changes we’ve made. We haven’t really had much negative feedback from them. We changed Tali – that was tough because people were very passionate about her. A lot of people want to have her face revealed and obviously people are going to be pissed off either way.

Like ‘I thought she was going to look beautiful!’ or “I thought she was going to be the most hideous thing ever!’ So we’ve had a lot of debate over Tali’s face, but that’s the one we kind of dread a lot. We’re always ‘well, let’s talk about something else for a while!’ That’s something we’re going to have to decide.”

Immediately countless news outlets picked up this bit of information and ran with it sparking a great debate on whether or not BioWare should unmask Tali and assign a face to the mysterious Quarian race, or should they keep their mystery intact forever.


05 Jul

Mass Effect 3: CE Armor Controversy

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Lengthy discussions erupted on the Neogaf forums and the Bioware forums about a fully revealed picture of the armors that came with the collectors edition for certain squadmates. This sparked a bit of a controversy along with a substantial amount of people who just flat out hated it. The biggest topics people discussed was Ashley’s outfit and the character models in general. I had a good discussion with Cindy about the look and feel of female armor even going back to CollegeHumor.com’s video of female armor design.


12 Jun

(News Break) Mass Effect 3: Character Customization

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Its been confirmed that in Mass Effect 3 we will be able to revisit the physical features of our Shepard along with changing our class and re-specing the existing class he/she was. Good thing we get to take another stab at because at the moment I think my Femshep still has one of the hidden hairstyles in the game and hopefully it still works when imported into the sequel. One of the issues I had with character creation was making a proper face and above all the hair styles. I never really liked the choices we had and hopefully with the redesign on Ashley Williams we might have some more to work with. Also I talked to Manveer a designer at Bioware about when he was asking for suggestions about my favorite classs the Infiltrator and wanted to know about some of the suggestions he recieved but in the end I was teased I had to play it on March 6, 2012 to find out — Can’t win them all. By the way what do you guys want to see when you revisit your shepard in ME3?

.@ @ Yes, in #ME3 you can revisit your character's facial features and hair etc, as well as re-spec your class and skills.
Casey Hudson

24 May

Mass Effect 3: The Last of the Trilogy

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The final installment is finally surfacing. Here is where we find out if saving or melting the Rachni Queen is going to save our bacon, was destroying/saving the collector base a good idea in the end and if is the council finally going to believe us. It truly all does come to a end with the final ending being measured by all your choices from the predecessors as well as your actions in the last.

Mass Effect has really set the trend when it came to story and choices. They created an iconic character whose story seamless transitions from game to game over the five years of our lives. A combination of countless of choices some tough and some subtle from sequel to sequel painting a unique picture for each player and a strong sense of ownership.

No matter what you’ve done before shit hits the fan in Mass Effect 3. If you played the Arrival DLC on ME 2 you’ll understand how the game starts out. You are on trial on Earth for you actions in a very dramatic mission and it just so happens that when the Reapers decide to attack. They strike with righteous fury and Shepard start off with getting off Earth and go into survival mode with your primary objective is to get reinforcements to beat what is and still is a unbeatable foe. You need to unite all the species against the Reapers all the while trying to figure how to defeat an enemy that annihilated countless species beforehand.