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30 May

MMORPG: Class Bonanza III

Games, MMOs, SWTOR by Tramell

Star Wars: The Old Republic

Boosting to be the Grand Master of the fourth pillar(Story). Bioware plans to do what they do best and incorporate it in a MMO. With each class receiving a unique story, races and companions there should be something for everyone as well as providing different experiences for the rerollers and altholics. Backed by tons of lore and possible some reconning I really am eager to see what becomes of this blockbuster AAA title and see how cohesive the personal, world stories and general MMO environment becomes.

Imperial Agent

Being as I started gaming with first person shooters like Goldeneye 007 and Perfect Dark being a secret agent always appealed to me and this is why initially I had an interest in the Imperial Agent. As time grew on I become more and more attuned with the class. Being a Bioware game the story will play an important role in SWTOR and from interviews the one fact that really caught my eye was that the Imperial Agent will be the class to see the whole picture of what’s going on through the Old Republic timeline. You know when I read a story I want to be able to see the whole picture by the time I’m finished and the I.A seems to be doing just that. Story aside I’m picturing myself on how I want to play this class.The one problem though is, as of now I haven’t really felt comfortable playing a ranged class in a MMO and I will need some hands-on time to see if I like it or not perhaps I’ll go with the versatile Operative A.C and adopt a medium – short range playstyle oppose to the long range burst capabilities of the Sniper A.C. Something to ponder I suppose. .


28 May

MMORPG: Class Bonanza II

Games, Guild Wars 2, MMOs by Tramell

Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 combat is about being visually impressive, dynamic and visceral. Similar to Tera its about positioning and tactics that will win you the day. You see a centaur preparing to fire an arrow at you. You can freely dodge out of the way before the arrow reaches you. Work with allies to perform combos such as a fire wall created by Elementalist and a Engineer deploying a turret on one side of the wall and projectiles will do additional fire damage. Due the aesthetics of Guild Wars 2 everything has a visual impact. Glue Shot from a Engineer will leave a sticky brownish-white puddle, an Elementalist using one of their elite skills literally turns them into a tornado or Ranger visually letting loose a valley of arrows. With the unique mechanic of positioning and tactics the professions I want to play address this is a very interesting way.


The capstone of what a thief should be; a very agile and effective when getting the drop on someone at the expense of less protection and lower health. The Thief in Guild Wars 2 embraces this. They have the ability stealth which allows them to steal useful items from various enemies and use them against them as well the ability to shadow step which allows them to get in and out of combat with relative ease. Possessing the unique energy system called Initiative, which is similar to the energy bar most people are accustomed to with rogues except here in GW2 and their style of combat it more about a risk and reward then learning how to weave your attacks to maintain a constant source of energy. With the more powerful skills costing more initiative you have the make wise choices when playing the Thief. After getting some hands on time at Pax East 2011 with the Thief I look forward to playing it again.


26 May

MMORPG: Class Bonanza I

Games, MMOs, T.E.R.A by Tramell


You know I’ve been brainstorming on what classes I want to play and I wanted to examine why I wanted to play these particular classes. Staring off with The Exiled Realm of Arborea(Tera for short) is Korean developer Bluehole Studios baby. A action oriented fantasy MMORPG that seeks to change the way you do combat in a MMO; Instead of a rotation and ‘trading of blows’ combat Tera wants to provide a more hands-on approach. Functioning like a hack and slash players will have to get into position and manual aim to attack their targets all the while using tactics and defensive abilities to stay ahead and not become a bloody smear on some rock. They boost “it’s all about skills,” with the fact that there is no evasion or accuracy stat that you depend on for survival. Out of range trying to throw a fireball move in closer. Want to use that awesome charge up attack on the Berserker get some distance between you and enemy before you perform it. See a monster about to flatten you with his over-sized larger than life maul, well guess what? You can move out of the way. No predetermined damage here, you have be in the right spot at the right time to be successful. The best part of Tera if you ask me, I can use a controller(stoked!). The style of play along with a big budget has me wanting to get my hands on it but unfortunately En Masse was absent from Pax East and hopefully they will make a showing at Pax Prime.


An odd mix of power and agility, the Slayer uses a large two-handed sword to cut through multiple enemies while wearing leather armor for superior agility. Specializing in sweeping arcs, circular attacks and charge attacks the slayer is well equipped with dealing with multiple enemies. Unlike their heavy DD counterpart the Berserker who uses plate armor and block with their giant axes they use light armor they can move a bit faster as well as dodge incoming attacks with the ability to perform rolls. I have this image in my head of a Amani Female Slayer, they just fit so naturally together and I just want to play that.