Return of the Gree and Galactic Reputation Impressions [SWTOR]

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Over the past week we received some fresh content for Star Wars: The Old Republic. Version update 1.7, Return of the Gree brought about a reputation system as well as, a fancy new world event that will recur over the year. The reputation system which BioWare calls Galactic Reputation adds organizations that you can earn a reputation with and receive special rewards and titles the farther you progress with them. The Return of the Gree event helps tell the story of the ancient race. The Gree are known for their technological prowess and they have arrived on Ilum to collect data on the two factions. The event consists of a number of daily and event specific missions that help players ease into the reputation system.

The system has 6 tiers of progression and by completing missions, you earn trophies that allot you a certain amount of reputation points. They vary in quality, the higher it is the more points you earn. There is a weekly cap to how much you can advance, so those of us with multiple characters don’t gain a significant advantage outside of earning trophies at a faster rate for the weeks that follow.

One thing to note however, reputation is legacy bound and transfers across faction. As an example, if you are playing your republic character and level up with the Voss, the same rank will apply to your character allied with the Empire. Also some organizations are mirrors of each other, such as the Republic Hyperspace Armada and Imperial First Mobile Fleet and the same example applies to them. I don’t have a strong opinion about the reputation system but, I like there is something else to be accomplished when I’m tired of my usual routine of completing flashpoints and operations or leveling my other lowbie characters – my children.

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The addition of the event allows us to see the vision of how the content and reputation interacts. By participating in the event, earning trophies, and increasing your standing there are some good rewards and titles waiting for you. The gear and weapons have a distinct Tron feel with glowing blue and red lights weaved throughout to match the aesthetics of the Gree technology. The weapons that you can purchase from acquiring the special event currency is bound to legacy which means you can use it to transfer high level weapon modifications to other characters. Finally I can purchase a lightsaber to transfer over hilts I’ve been saving.

Overall, I have mixed feelings about the event. I liked the event itself, I really dig the Gree species and their technology aesthetics, and I like what they did with the unused area of Ilum but, with the weekly cap on reputation and the weapon rewards requiring champion status, tier 5, it leaves a slight bitter taste since the reward I wanted I have to wait a couple weeks to purchase and use. For me there isn’t that instant reward from participating.

Even though having to wait for my reward I firmly believe this is a fine addition to SW:TOR. Even though grinding a reputation for various organizations may not be everyone’s thing it still adds that layered content that game needs as it continues to progress. If developers can do it well and support it, I very much favor a smorgasbord design approach as it allows me to branch out and do something a bit outside of what I am use to.

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