A New Year with Renewed Vigor

SWTOR - New Year Header

A new year begins and it ushers in a fresh start, a beginning of another of those many journeys you take in life. Before the New Year hit I’ve spent time reflecting and what exactly it was I wanted to achieve this year and use whatever goals I strived for as a foundation as I move forward. For a while now I feel like I’ve been stuck in a rut. I’m not in a bad place but I feel I owe to myself to achieve something higher no matter how long it takes or how hard it may become. Been prepping for this since the later months of 2012, hence the lack of posts which will pick back up significantly this year and I look forward to seeing what I can do in a year. I’ll try to post my progress along with the usual content you’ll find on my blog.

Gaming activity wise, I’ve been knee deep in my MMO of choice, Star Wars: The Old Republic. I’ve found myself doing a lot of things that I thought I would never do. I’ve leveled up multiple maxed-leveled characters and even went through the process of gearing them up and making sure they are raid ready. I’ve made it a side project to gear my companions as well so I would be able to complete and participate in content that would require four people with just a friend and myself.

I’ve even explored multiple crafting and gathering trades, though most of my characters focus on Biochem since it saves me money when I want to raid with them as well as, make me a tidy sum of money from time to time by selling the higher quality stims and medical packs. That being said I shouldn’t discount the other crafting professions as my Smuggler who is invested in the Cybertech skill allows me to break down mods and armorings for the high quality materials I need to craft most high level modifications such as weapon barrels and hilts as well as armorings she cannot craft yet.

The Walking Dead - Screenshot 01

I’ve been with the game a year and then some and a routine has naturally formed for me. Ever week on a Tuesday morning the weekly quests reset and that provides me a checklist of things to do in between raids, flashpoints and the spontaneous fun I have with friends, datacrons are a lot more enjoyable to get with a good friend.

All and all I’m quite happy with the game. I believe finding an awesome friend to play with as well as, guilds on both factions have contributed to my loyalty to the game. Dabbling in other games help too. I played through all the episodes for Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead, a really touching game despite the majority of it involves you making decisions rather than actual gameplay. Don’t Starve, a quirky Minecraft like survival game. It’s still in beta but I really like the art style and the world has a unique charm as you stumble across the map and make sense of the tools you have at your disposal.

On the content front, I’ll still be doing long form blogs posts along with shorter bits that can include weekly gaming journals, my opinions on any topic, plugs for friends who produced excellent, meaningful content. As always I will be keeping a screenshot gallery and a video for most of the games I play to provide a bit of alternative content. Cheers to you and to a wonderful new year.

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