Some Insight on WvW [GW2]

We all knew Guild Wars 2 would feature world vs. world PvP, but we were not sure how exactly it would shape up to be. Mike Ferguson, one of the many system designers at ArenaNet took to the company’s blog to layout what players can expect from WvW in their game.

First, the basics. WvW will pit three servers against each other in a massive area filled with various objectives for players to fight over in two-week long struggle. At launch, they plan to have four gigantic maps filled with objectives that caters to all types of groups. You will be able to take over forts, towers, and camps. Forts are meant to be tackled with a large group of people. There will be plenty of NPCs protecting the fort surrounding by thick walls. Assaulting the keep will be challenging but you will have quite a few tools at your disposal. Catapults and trebuchets will help you bust down those pesky walls and gates. Arrow carts and ballistae to combat enemy players and NPCs. You also have access to Siege Golems who are monsters in close quarters combat. Overall, this reminds of my days in Aion, I just hope they can replicate the fun of sieging a fort and optimize the game so it is not a five frames per second affair.

Although I never experience WvW, many players who heart PvP always refer to Dark Age of Camelot’s three-team PvP system as some sort of godsend in terms of solving faction imbalance. When you have two factions in a game, it is hard to design PvP arenas or open-world maps that could cater to a side that were at a disadvantage in terms of numbers. Whether or not Guild Wars 2 WvW system will successfully solve the issues people have with open-world PvP remains to be seen, as it will be my first time I’ll experiencing the three team dynamic.

Well sometimes, you may not have a huge guild or perhaps you are playing at an odd hour of the night. There are others objectives for you to pursue. There are plenty of towers scattered around that are not as fortified as a fort and do not require a large group to take over. There are also resource camps that you can take over to grant a universal resource called ‘supply’ that will send out caravans to deliver and supply allied forts and towers. I am glad they have other smaller objectives players can participate in. I often play at odd hours and it is nice that there will be something for me if I miss the sweet spot for the big activities.

It’s not all about taking over forts and towers there are plenty of other objectives you can pursue. You can run errands making sure an allied tower and fort is well supplied so others will have the resources available to upgrade fortifications, boost NPCs and build weapons. I hope they open this up a bit more in the future. At the moment, it seems you can gather resources to upgrade NPCs so that they are tougher and structures so they are harder to take down. I would be nice to spend resources on a mud pit, minefield or a moat; make the bastards swim across. You will also be able to recruit mercenary bands that consist of lesser races to help your cause, but you will have to give them a helping hand first.

Aside from the flexible objectives you can pursue, I was also elated to know that they boost lower level character to level 80. They do note however due to lack of skills, traits and so on, you will still be at a disadvantage when you are up against a genuine level 80. It is not all doom and gloom though since you will still be able to supply allied forts and towers, man a weapon, and support others by various means. Star Wars: The Old Republic has an excellent level scaling system so I am confident that no matter my level is, I will be able to participate in some meaningful way.

So, how exactly do you win in WvW match? You win by holding onto the most objectives that you can. Over time, you earn buffs for your servers as well as earn rewards for your player. Guilds who claim allied territory will be able to attach certain bonuses to them that benefit everyone in the area.

Overall, the latest blog entry certainly has me interested in WvW. The last experience I had with massive PvP was Aion and the mess they called Fort Sieges. The concept was awesome but the frame rate and the sheer amount of people involved made it unplayable. I hope that with the variety of objectives and hot spots, there will be plenty to do and the experience can be smooth and enjoyable. I like the fact they are going to scale player’s level similarly the way they do in PvP arenas and the sidekick system in PvE. There will be something to do no matter what time I log into the game. I look forward to hearing more about it.

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