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19 Mar

Black Chair Weekly: Waiting in Limbo

This week and the next I’ll be going swapping out games left and right. Currently there isn’t a game that is holding my undivided attention and I have to opportunity to pick and choose how I please. I’ve been dabbling in LoL, reading up on Game Update 1.2 for SWTOR, anticipating the next Guild Wars 2 beta, and a healthy sprinkle of Mass Effect 3 mulitplayer.

Farming the IP [LoL]

Nothing new here for me in League of Legends, but I have been spending a bit more times with a variety of champions and tinkering around with some builds. My new shiny has been Fiora, a new AD carry champion. She’s built to excel in one on one fights with the ability to parry a physical attack. Her ultimate skill allows her to deal damage and become untargetable for the duration. Since one of her abilities grants her a powerful attack speed buff all you have to do is build attack power, which makes her easy to understand. The downside however, is that a smart player will learn when to control her movements to make her less effective and if you play PvP expect to be targeted in team fights early and often.


25 Oct

Experiencing MOBA in Summoner’s Rift [LoL]

League of Legends, MOBA by Tramell

For the past few weeks, I’ve been diving into League of Legends. I’ll admit I was a bit skeptical about jumping in, but after finding out that you could play against bots until you’re comfortable with the game, I decided to give it a go. After installing and updating, I hopped into the tutorial and I’ll have to say they’ve done a really good job teaching you the basics. From an overview of how the game works, how to spend and build items, to turret assaulting and basic ganging hotspots, the game describes them all. Although, there is plenty the tutorial does not teach you it’s enough to get to you going.

As I went through the tutorial a few more times to get the hang of it and purchasing some cheap champions, I set sail for the bot matches. Thanks to the MOBA community Mobafire and Riot’s own recommended item builds it was easy to learn and understand how to play champions. Item building is key and that is where all the meta gaming comes into play; having the right build separates the men from the boys.

Through my experience, I like to play the damage-dealing champions, though I did enjoy some of the support champions. One of my favorite champions so far would have to be Master Yi because with his ultimate skill ‘Highlander’ and the right timing, I can go nuts on the opposition and if I manage to get a kill with it, I can reuse repeatedly. It is a wonderful feeling hacking away an entire team.