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08 Oct

Technical Disaster [Rage]

Rage, Shooters by Tramell

You know, I would consider Rage a sleeper hit if you purchased it on the console, the PC version on the other hand is complete mess. If you haven’t been following, the PC version of Rage is mired by a plethora of technical difficulties. There is extreme texture popping, to the point where turning from side to side the framerate drops while textures loads; this even happens in small areas. There were also some animations issues in the game, where some characters turned a shade of black, while others were glitched up, and there animations stuttered and voiceovers fell out of sync. This effect also translated to your weapons at some points and that a shame because they went out of their way to really highlights those beauties.

Even as they struggle to remedy the situation with as of now, two driver updates for AMD and Nvidia cards that make some improvements, I’m left wondering if it will have an impact at some point later on. I don’t recall reading about the problems in any of the day one reviews, it’s a curious things, I wonder if the issues are flying under the radar.