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19 Aug

Videos of the Week: WildStar Gamescom 2012 Footage

Gamescom, News, WildStar by Tramell

Ever since Pax Prime 2011, Carbine Studio’s MMO, WildStar has been quietly being developed. Aside from the WildStar Wenesdays and #Wsuplink on Twitter information has been pretty sparse over the year. At Gamescom 2012, they held private demonstrations showcasing combat, world design, philosophy, and teasing future content. What I came away with after watching all the videos and what really impressed was their mentality of “keeping the experience fresh.”

The world design is expressive and varied. As the developer flew around you can see the environment constantly changing along the way. The monsters found within have unique way of attacking and with the way combat being very movement heavy, the environment you fight said monster in can offer a different experience. There are places where you can interact with the world such as, blue crystals embedded into the ground that allows you to jump higher and reach new areas that may have hidden gems. You can set off a box of fireworks to destroy enemies in the vicinity if you’re a stealth class. I really like that type of interaction, it makes me feel more connected to the world  because it break away from the “kill stuff, loot and repeat” mindset you develop as you play creating that dreaded laundry-list playstyle.

One thing that does worry me though is that they added tons and tons of content. I hope it is all meaningful and not just the same thing with a simple word swap. It’s inevitable but mask it a bit. Instead kill 17 this or collect 72 of that, I would like see a “research this node over here” objective and I just happen to kill 20 of tigerbear-magi pigs along the way. Perhaps something in the way of Guild Wars 2 and  provided varied objectives for a given area or simply hide the number count and players fill up a progress bar instead. Hopefully they can mask the grind well with varied objectives, visual elements and gameplay.


21 Aug

Gamescom 2011: The Four Forked Road [Wildstar]

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A few years ago, veteran designers who worked on World of Warcraft, Everquest 1 and 2, and Warhammer Online joined forces and formed Carbine Studios. Since then they have been toiling away at creating their rendition of a MMO and finally early this morning they officially revealed their game to the public.

WildStar is a stylistic sci-fi/fantasy that will take players to the world of Nexus, a long forgotten land littered with ancient technology and magic. There players will traverse its beautiful lands to unveils it mysteries. The big question however, is what makes this MMO stand out from the rest; it doesn’t have the clout of Star Wars: The Old Republic and doesn’t have the revolutionary ideas of Guild Wars 2. Carbine is seeking to differ itself through what they call ‘paths’, a special calling if you will that players will have to choose when they pick their race and a class. Paths will offer unique experiences catered to four distinct types of gamers The Explorer, The Soldier, The Scientist, and The Settler.