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13 Dec

Review: Trine 2 [PC]

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Trine 2, like its predecessor is a sidescroller that utilizes brain smoking puzzles, wily platforming and intense combat sequences. Once again, the Trine, a mysterious powerful artifact has taken the three heroes, Zoya the Thief, Pontius the Knight, and Amadeus the Wizard on another fantasy book worthy adventure. With an all new engine, the game environments are absolutely gorgeous. Combine that with the platforming, physics-based puzzles and the interesting combat scenarios you know and love from Trine, this game hits all the right notes.

The three heroes each have their own unique talents and throughout the game you will be able level them up by collecting green bottles scattered across the levels to earn skill point; these points will also be paramount in unlocking additional skills that will help immensely in all aspects of the game.

Amadeus has the ability to create boxes that help you solve puzzles and help you get to places you can’t normally reach. As you level him up, he can create new shapes and will be able to conjure more boxes. Zoya has a grappling hook that allows her to get around, making her very mobile and able to cross long gaps if the prerequisites are met. Her bow you can leveled up to freeze enemies or set them on fire. She is a viable alternative fighter should Pontius kick the bucket. Pontius is your combat specialist. He uses a sword and shield as well as, a hammer to rock enemies who dare threaten the trio. As you level him up, you can upgrade his weapons to do additional damage and grants him the ability to charge at opponents.


12 Jul

Review: Puzzle Agent 2 [PC]

Once again, we fill the shoes of the mild mannered Special Agent, Nelson Tethers of the FBI’s Puzzle Research Division. After a foray into Scoggins, Minnesota investigating the shutdown of the eraser factory that supplies the White House, Tethers discovers things aren’t quite right in the town. With their obsession with puzzles and these gnome like creatures called the ‘Hidden People’ that some inhabitants worship. After unraveling the mystery, Tethers manages to get the factory up and running again, but things aren’t quite finished. People are still missing, and the “Hidden People’ are still out there. In Puzzle Quest 2, we head back to Scoggins in search of the truth and finishing the case one and for all.

Puzzle Agent 2 functions less like point-and-click adventures it borrows its mechanics from, and it truly embodies the puzzle experience. Puzzles range from furniture reorganization, where players have to organize furniture to make a patch while blocking opposition; lock slicing, where players must draw a line that will cut through all object barricading a door, to a fast paced match sequences.