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21 Jun

APB Reloaded: Love & Hate

APB Reloaded, Games, MMOs by Tramell

I’ve put a lot of time with the resurrected MMO Shooter APB Reloaded. Gamersfirst picked up the closed game and decided to continue production and they really put in a lot of work into improving the game. Improvements such as the much needed gun and car tweaks and performance optimizations. Overall I’ve been really enjoying the game but I have had my share of trials and tribulations.

Finding the Right Gun

One of the most noticeable changes in APB Reloaded are the weapons. In the original the guns didn’t really have any diversity in terms of utility. With the reboot guns have certain quirks to them. The more powerful guns have a stronger kickback when you fire them, the submachine is very strong in mid/short range combat, and the semi-auto rifles offers power and range should you prefer to fight from afar but at close range are ineffective. With all these changes it took me awhile to adjust to the guns whereas in the old APB the soul child was the Ntec(AK-47) since it had good range and power with no recoil; Now it has a strong kick and it takes a bit of work to get off accurate shots. I experimented with the semi-auto rifles but I found myself lacking in the close quarters department, used the submachine guns but found myself useless in distance battles struggling to get in range without being picked off by accurate fire. After really struggling through leveling up my contacts, I unlocked extra weapons and I feel like I found what I was looking for. An upgrade to the starter weapon the Star R&D has a slot for one modification. The Cooling jacket modification seemed to fit the bill, it slightly improves the rate of fire in return slightly increasing the rate of accuracy degradation. This allows my gun to contend with submachine guns in close quarters while still pulling it weight in distance combat. The round it out I managed to unlock a powerful magnum handgun that does a hefty amount of damage and I use that weapon when picking off targets from afar if my main gun isn’t getting the job done.